Triceps Pressdown Cable

The Triceps Pressdown video shows you the right way to do this arm sculpting exercise! Always keep your elbows back and stationary! A little stretch at top is ok, but don’t go so far the elbows move. Squeeze your triceps at bottom and move slowly!

Use various handles to change up this exercise. It is by far one of the best triceps shaping exercises you can do!

This video is also featured in episode Fit 184: Pressdowns, Actions, Myths Fit of “Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape.”

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Key Points:

  • Keep elbows close to sides
  • Control the motion up and down
  • Keep shoulders back and down
  • Do not shrug!
  • If you have to cheat, reduce the weight!


Sets of 6-12 reps work great for triceps sculpting!

Superset Triceps with Biceps exercises to save time and work the arms more effectively!