Bent Over Row

Dumbbell Bent Over Row- A great exercise for the back and postural muscles.

The bent over row is frequently done wrong. A rounded back and straight legs are the most common mistakes!

Here’s the right way to do this exercise:

  • Keep your body steady with tight abdominals
  • Pull from your shoulder blades
  • Stick your chest out in order to squeeze your shoulder blades and feel your back muscles

Your back is a large muscle group and burns lots of calories when being trained.  Focus on your back exercises and  you will see a big difference in your posture and weight loss!

Strengthening your back gives you these results:

  • Better posture
  • Burn calories
  • Lose weight
  • Less neck and low back pain


Recommended: 2-3 exercises for the back. Do 2-3 sets with Reps of 8-10 using a challenging resistance. Focus on the feel of your shoulder blades and back muscles working!