Stationary Lunge

Key Points:

  • Keep front heel pressed into floor at all times!
  • Bend back leg, let heel lift on rear leg only!
  • Keep posture: shoulders pinched
  • Breathe in on the way down, out on the way up
  • Press through the heel of the front leg and focus on the glutes!


2 or more sets of 6-15 repetitions, or as workout requires.

If your front heel lifts, you can place excess stress on your knees. Avoid this at all costs! If you cannot get the proper form, try holding onto a railing or stand next to a wall to help your balance.

Begin with body weight only before adding dumbbells or other weights.

If you feel your rear leg getting tired, then you are not doing the exercise correctly.

Focus on feeling your glutes push you upward.