QuickFit Club Update: Free Memberships

I posted recently on the fitgirlguide blog about the free memberships available at QuickFit Club, so if you haven’t already, go there and claim your free membership. Yes, the site is still a work in progress, and with your help and feedback the site can be fine tuned!

The plan for the QuickFit Club is…simple, simple, simple….here’s how it works:

    1. Once launched, memberships will only begin on the first of the month. Sign up any time prior and you will get an email reminding you to begin.


    1. On the first of the month, login to QuickFit Club and print out your workout calendar, which also serves as your workout log. There’s a box for you to check when you’ve completed the workout. The video workouts can be done anywhere you have internet access! The videos are optimized for all media players, types and sizes.


    1. Check the schedule for the weekly check-in chats (&/or webinars).


    1. Review the theme of the month and your focus items!


    1. Check out the latest recipes!


    1. What you’ll need: weights, preferably light (2-5 pounds and heavy 5-15 pounds), resistance bands and a stability ball. We’ll be using those items in the workouts but if you don’t have them, you can still follow the workouts with recommended modifications.


The concept is twofold….keep it straight forward and easy to follow AND, here’s the best part, everything changes each month.

The focus is on getting in shape, losing weight, getting tone and feeling great!  We will also focus on lifestyle fitness, making simple habits and changes that enhance your health and well-being.

Of course, I want your feedback so I can know if everything is easy to navigate and  understand.  At this point, we a researching the best system for the chats so we can do text, voice and video, probably not all at the same time, but I know eventually a live video chat is our goal.

The official launch date has been pushed forward, to November.  Which means..lucky you! A later launch for us, means more free quickfit club time for you!

If you haven’t already, get over to QuickFit Club and get started!