Resistance Bands Body Blast!

One of the the three workouts in the DVD “Got More Bands?” this full body workout uses the resistance band in ways you never knew!

The Knotted Band Workout focuses on Pilate-like exercises with lots of engaged abdominals and core balance! Be prepared to perform powerful extended set combinations for maximum firm & burn!

Approx 30 minutes.

Proven toning & fat burning! In this workout, you maintain tension on your muscles throughout the exercise. You’ll do extended sets and supersets for total body burn and firm! The pace is steady with emphasis on control and feeling each muscle.

The Ab & Core section contours the mid-section by working on deep core muscles with exercises that can be done daily!

Got More Bands? Resistance Band Workout #2 is a great weight loss workout, prepare to lose inches! The multi-muscle exercises burn more calories than most workouts.

Your solution for permanent weight management, since sculpted lean muscle burns more calories at rest and keeps the metabolism up all day!

You will never be bored working out with “Got More Bands? Resistance Band Workout #2!”