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A long time goal of mine has been to provide guidance for people who suffer from self-esteem and body image issues. I have struggled with these issues myself and having found ways to improve confidence and self-value, I must share!.

Lately, I’ve seeing how these issues hurt younger people by making them more vulnerable to bullies and even more sensitive to casual comments that can be more damaging than we realize. It’s devastating when one of these kids take their own lives when they have so much potential and so much to give the world.

For years, I’ve taught workshops of The Fitness Makeover System that include the motivation seminar,  “Gain Control.”  This seminar focuses on creating (or changing) current thoughts and habits to ones that support a healthy lifestyle.

Part of this process is the “I Am…”statement. I use this often with clients too, and the “I am Strong and Powerful” statement has helped many ranging from athletes to the elderly.

I’ve always wanted to take this concept world wide and have begun a YouTube Channel (video blog) and website to support being Strong and Powerful.

The Strong and Powerful website and Video Channel support four major campaigns that I am passionate about:

  • Confidence & Power
  • Body Image
  • Anti-Bully
  • Social Strength

Take a look at the Strong and Powerful Website and it’s YouTube Video Channel for more information and updates, as well as ways that you can help create a Strong and Powerful world!

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