Sculpt & Core Program: Focus on Arms & Abs!

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3Sculpt and Core workouts focus on sculpting the whole body with a particular emphasis on arms and abs!

There are actually five workouts in this program!  You can take the weekends off, or choose whatever two days you want to be your “rest” days.

You begin with Funky Pyramids, a great workout to break through plateaus, then move to Upper Body Booster with Core.  The next workout can be done as one or as two separate workouts for greater metabolism boost!  You end the week of workouts with a nice, easy yoga of basic poses.

You can repeat this cycle of workouts two-four times. As you repeat these workouts each week, remember to challenge yourself with more weight or slower reps!

single payment of $15


Included in Premium Membership of $25 per month

Estimated Time: 14 to 30 days

Difficulty: All Levels

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