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I produced my first exercise dvd while 8 months pregnant! Now I have over 13 titles distributed world wide!

How it all started:tbtcover600

I decided to make exercise dvds for the average woman who is pregnant, not in shape and intimidated about exercise.  I realize most people are not hard core weight lifters or exercise lovers like me!  Knowing the many benefits for both mom & baby, my goal was to make exercising while pregnant doable for people who never exercised. Of course, I had to film it while very big and pregnant!  Since I always like to give options, I had a few friends do the video with me, showing variations for other fitness levels.

My next DVD workout after pregnancy was Total Body Tone. This was a class I taught at my gym that had some great combinations of exercises and was quite popular and effective!  Again, I had friends who regularly took the class show variations in the video.

Most of the DVD workouts were actually done as classes in my gym! I was able to fine tune them and get feedback, so I know they are great workouts!

I showcase the DVDs on my website Allinoneworkout.com with details and clips from each workout.  You can also purchase the dvds at my DVD shop by Amazon.com.  I’ve actually sold out of a few titles! Those I’ll be making available as a download in the future.

Here’s the list so far!

Pregnancy Fitness Series: Cardio & Core
Pregnancy Fitness Series: Stretch & Strengthen
Pregnancy Fitness Series: Workout for Mommy & Me
Total Body Tone
QuickFit 10 Minutes to Tone
QuickFit No Equipment Needed
Butt Blaster
Simple Step Cardio with Abs
Got Bands? Resistance Bands for Total Body Sculpt #1
Got More Bands? Resistance Bands for Total Body Sculpt #2
Stability Ball Ab Sculpt
Yoga Stretch for Stability Ball
Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball




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