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Popular Fitness Podcast Host, Creator, Producer:

“Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape”

When I owned my gym, I found myself repeating to new members the same nutrition, motivation and training tips. I was really shocked at how many people still believed old weight loss myths and had no clue what “spot reducing” was an

d why it was impossible!

I realized there must be many more people who don’t have the right fitness info and need some help and direction. That’s when I created the Fit Girl Guide Podcast.   For the past ten years, I’ve hosted the Podcast: Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape, (free on iTunes!).  The podcast shares my experiences as a trainer and my knowledge of what REALLY works for weight loss and tone!  I also tell you what exercises are just a total waste of time or pure hype.

As a trainer, I’ve been able to help thousands of clients, online and in person, get in shape and stay in shape! No magic pills to take, no pre-packaged meals to buy, and no crazy exercises to do! Don’t even talk to me about a burpee, ’cause it’ll never happen with me as your trainer!

Not everyone has a fitness goal to lose weight. Some of my clients are happy to gain strength, more endurance…some are top athletes getting an edge on competition….and several are over the age of 90 and thrilled to be still exercising (thanks to my training and good genes, LOL)!

My various titles and milestones include:

Fitness Trainer:
Over 30 years. Yup! I started young! 😉

DVD Producer:
Thirteen (13) DVD titles produced and distributed world wide. Click here to learn more

“Mindset Makeover: Stay Motivated, Get the Body You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams!”

Gym Owner:
Not my best experience, but I learned alot and made lifelong friends!

Creator & Presenter:
Fitness Makeover System

NSCA-CPT National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
PICP Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Fitness International CPT
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certifications Primary Group Instructor, Step Instructor, Yoga Instructor  and Kickboxing Instructor.

Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from Clemson University.

Natural Bodybuilder Competitor since 1987.  Titles include Ms. Southern California, Northeast Championships 3rd place, Diamond Classic 1st place and best poser, Muscle Fitness Classic 2nd place, Florida Natural Championships 3rd place and best poser.

Mommy:  To the best kid ever!

“You don’t need to kill yourself to get in shape! I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t! Results come from doing the right exercises, and doing them consistently. ”

“Millions of people fail at weight loss because they keep doing the same things that don’t work! Cardio is over hyped and carbs are not your enemy! Weight training is absolutely the essential to changing your body and metabolism!  Developing healthy habits and thoughts are key permanent weight loss!  Sensible eating and CONSISTENT workouts is what works!

If you’re ready to see your body change and your confidence soar, check out my programs!

No excuses! Get started now!

Kira Langolf

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